Software Support

Get the most out of your software with our specialist software support

IT Virtual House provides expert software support for applications running on a variety of operating systems.

Our support services are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your business and are designed to help you achieve a rapid ROI and solve your most pressing business challenges.

Whether you've invested in new software, or require software support for existing installations, our technical team is on to hand to help you get the most out of your software.

The software support cycle involves a process of analysis, planning, creative work and evaluation. During this cycle, your software will be maintained and tweaked to ensure you get the results you need.

We are always thinking ahead and look closely at industry developments to ensure your business remains innovative and relevant.

Legacy Software Support

Our dedicated support team delivers support and maintenance services for new and existing software. This is ideal for companies wishing to continue using existing legacy software, but who also want to take advantage of experts who can identify, and provide solutions for, challenges ahead that may affect the running of their business.

Legacy software support is also effective during the transition from existing to new software types, or when existing software and applications aren't functioning together as well as they should.

Whatever the situation may be and whatever stage your software is in its cycle, our team of experts works with you to provide bespoke software support and solutions.

    We support:

  • Platform environments: Windows (Client & Server), Linux, Web, Internet Handheld Devices, Internet of Things
  • Programming languages: C# .NET, WPF, PHP, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Classic ASP and many more
  • Mobile platforms: HTML5, Android / iOS
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access

Software Audit Services

IT Virtual House provides a variety of software audit services prior to and during audit processes. Our experts engage quickly with each audit request and provide guidance and support from beginning to end. With so many intricacies and pitfalls associated with licensing models, we provide software audit services to ensure businesses are operating within guidelines. Whether you require end-to-end audit engagement, or dedicated support for strategy, planning, best practice, or resolution, we work with you to move the process forwards simply and efficiently.

Software audits are also valuable for security troubleshooting (typically in the form of penetration testing), due diligence (when clients are acquiring a business or specific assets) and procurement evaluation (to help clients with decisions on purchasing new software applications).

IT Virtual House provides a range of professional IT services including Architecture and Technical Strategy, Software Development, Bespoke Database Development and more.

How we work

Free consultation

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Concept Creation

Creating possible solutions to meet the needs and criteria identified by you.


Using Different Software Development Techniques, we develop efficient and flexible codes.

Quality Assurance

Your Product will be delivered after complete automation and manual testing.