Software Development

We aim to drive business growth and innovation

IT systems are only valuable to businesses if they answer genuine business needs. At IT Virtual House, we know exactly the right questions to ask to identify what is and isn't working for your business.

Whether we need to write bespoke code, create new dashboard and reporting systems, update existing applications, or provide data migration and integration services, our bespoke software solutions are designed to work for you.


Adapting, developing and updating software systems can be a huge challenge, but the good news is we've done it many times before and know exactly how to create software solutions that are flexible, reliable and scalable.

Using Agile methodology and techniques during development, we are able to accommodate change as the creative process unfolds.

We maintain the highest level of communication, service and delivery throughout, bringing to life and transforming your ideas in a time sensitive manner.

What we offer

We have a track record of delivering excellent results for our clients.

  • Medical Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Solutions
  • Desktop Apps
  • Sms Solution
  • Retail Solutions
  • Call Center

With many years of experience under our belt, we ensure the transition to a new system is as smooth as possible.

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Our software solutions are designed to meet your users' needs AND match your business and project goals.

As market conditions continue to develop at a fast pace, business success is often determined by a business's ability to respond to the changes quickly and implement development strategies that meet users' needs and deliver results.

At IT Virtual House, we select, develop and enhance multi-channel development platforms for web, desktop and mobile. We keep existing services available and flexible during development, while controlling costs at the same time.

Digital Transformation

Business success is often a direct result of the ability to adapt to industry and marketplace shifts by incorporating new technology.

At IT Virtual House, we work with you to transform existing systems and business activities using advanced digital technologies.

With present and future shifts in mind, we support and help you create fundamental changes to deliver value to customers and increase business efficiency.

Our Approach

Our services are tailored to you. We offer a flexible service, filling the gaps in your team if personnel or time resources are tight, or providing complete software development solutions from scratch. We have oodles of experience working across different industries and projects and have taken on some of the toughest software challenges out there. Contact us to find out more.

How we work

Free consultation

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Concept Creation

Creating possible solutions to meet the needs and criteria identified by you.


Using Different Software Development Techniques, we develop efficient and flexible codes.

Quality Assurance

Your Product will be delivered after complete automation and manual testing.