Database Development

Database solutions designed to meet your needs

Bespoke database development can literally transform your business. Whether your current database system is slow and unreliable, or just not providing you with the data you need, a custom database work can answer all your database problems and help you achieve your business goals in a more focused way.

    From tens of thousands of records to terabytes worth of data we've worked with it all. Whatever your need, we've got the experience:

  • Query Optimisation
  • Indexing
  • Sharding
  • Load Balancing
  • Master/Slave setups
  • Clustering

Data, Data, Data

At IT Virtual House, we have been developing databases for many years and have worked closely with clients to design, create and develop databases to reflect the needs of their businesses.

We support our clients at all stages of development, providing advice and solutions that enable them to make better use of vital data and gain better control of business processes.

There are many database systems on the current market, the top three being MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. We have used these database systems to build custom database solutions for a large number of clients helping them overcome existing database challenges.

How we work

We follow an Agile development approach which, generally-speaking, means we provide a service based on flexibility and quality.

We welcome and respond to feedback at all stages of development so that we can steer the development in a direction that facilitates business growth and efficiency.

We design and create software applications that enable businesses to store their data in bespoke databases. These databases are fully tailored to meet client and workflow requirements.

If you require a database solution that enables you to process data in a way that off-the-shelf types don't allow, or you need a database solution that meets your exact workflow requirements, please give us a call to find out how we can help.

How we work

Free consultation

Get a Free Consultaion with one of our team Lead to Discuss Your Requirements.

Concept Creation

Creating possible solutions to meet the needs and criteria identified by you.


Using Different Software Development Techniques, we develop efficient and flexible codes.

Quality Assurance

Your Product will be delivered after complete automation and manual testing.